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CRS Disclosure
Verdis Investment Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), as required by the family’s corporate Trustee.  Being an RIA allows Verdis to provide instruction as it relates to the family’s directed trusts held at the trust company.  As an RIA, we are required to share our Form CRS on our website, however it is worth noting that we do not provide wealth advisory services to external families/investors but rather only to one, single family. The form can be located at

Privacy Policy
At Verdis Investment Management we recognize the importance of maintaining the utmost security and confidentiality of our clients’ information. In addition to internal policies and procedures designed to safeguard client information, we prohibit those we do business with from any reuse of that information for purposes other than those intended by Verdis.

This privacy notice applies to all consumers who have a relationship with Verdis Investment Management, which is also referred to herein as “Verdis.” Verdis’ privacy notice is subject to change. For purposes of this notice, client information means personally identifiable information about a consumer who has a relationship with Verdis.

Accordingly, at Verdis we have adopted the following:

Client information security and confidentiality
We take a number of steps to ensure that client information is adequately safeguarded. These steps include the following: 1) implementing a number of physical and electronic security features to prevent unauthorized access; 2) limiting employee access to client information; and 3) conducting periodic reviews of our computer systems, including security features. Additionally, our employees are required to acknowledge their responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of client information.

How we collect client information
We collect client information that: 1) we receive on subscription documents to us for our products and/or services; 2) we receive from processing clients’ accounts with us and the transactions in those accounts, as well as providing services to our clients; 3) we receive about our clients from our affiliated companies; and 4) we receive in response to requests made to third parties about our clients or to confirm information that our clients have provided to us.

How we disclose client information
We may disclose some or all of the client information we collect about our clients under the following circumstances: 1) to verify or complete a transaction; 2) to verify the existence and condition of a client account for a third party, such as another financial institution; 3) to a third party who performs functions on behalf of Verdis (i.e. custodian, fund administrator); 4) to comply with laws, regulations, or a court or government order or request, such as in response to a subpoena or a request by an SEC/FINRA examiner; 5) to inform a client of our other products or services; 6) if a client or any authorized person on the account gives us oral or written permission to do so; or (7) to verify the accuracy of information that a client has provided to us.

We do not share your nonpublic information with other nonaffiliated third parties to market to you. As set forth above, we only share nonpublic information with third parties, as necessary to service your account(s) or as required by law. As such Verdis dues not allow the opting out of the disclosure of such information.

Client information shared among Verdis’ affiliates
Verdis has several affiliates that allow us to provide our clients with an array of financial services that include custody, trust, brokerage, and banking services. We may share some or all of the personal financial information we collect among our affiliates, except as limited herein. By sharing this information among our affiliates, we can serve our clients more efficiently and make it easier for them to do business with us. For example, if a client has an account with us and wants to open an account with one of our affiliated companies, we may share the information he or she provided to us.

Client information about former clients
We apply the same privacy polices and practices to our former clients that we do to our existing clients. Collected client information is retained in accordance with Federal law.

Client information – accuracy
We recognize the importance of maintaining accurate client information that is provided to our clients in various forms, including account statements and billing statements. If a client ever notices that his or her information is inaccurate, we ask they please contact us. Upon notification we will correct any inaccuracies.

Social Media Policy Disclosures & Terms of Use

Legal Terms of Use
Posts from Verdis Investment Management (Verdis) represent the opinions of Verdis and are not intended as investment advice or to predict or depict performance of any investment.  These views are as of the date they are posted and are subject to change based on subsequent developments.

The information on Verdis Investment Management’s LinkedIn page could pertain to U.S. residents only.  The information on this page or additional Verdis pages (or other content) on the LinkedIn platform does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase, any services or investment products outside of the United States.

Commenting and Posting
As communication within our industry is highly regulated, please understand that while we value your opinion and contribution to the page, it may be necessary to remove comments or ports for a variety of reasons.

Any comments, posts or links to third party material posted by fans represents their opinion and not necessarily the view of Verdis.  Verdis is not responsible for and does not adopt or endorse any opinions, statements or links to third-party material posted by fans on the Verdis LinkedIn page, any other Social Media service page or content linked from third-party website.

LinkedIn is owned by a third-party unaffiliated with Verdis and as a user of the platform, it is important that users recognize their participation and usage is at their own risk.  For more information on LinkedIn’s privacy policy and terms of service, please visit: .